How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can be a great way to earn a good commission and work with buyers and sellers in the real estate market. However, it is important to ensure you are comfortable working with buyers and sellers and have a great deal of experience in the industry.


A real estate agent is a professional who assists people in buying and selling a home. A good agent will perform a wide range of tasks, from finding a property to staging it to taking professional photos. Realtor also provide referrals for contractors and advice on how to price a home properly.

If you are interested in entering the real estate industry, you must prepare. In addition to getting your license, you will need to learn about the laws of the real estate industry. You will need to develop strong relationships within the industry.

You may want to become a real estate agent for many reasons. The good news is that real estate careers are often very rewarding. You can choose to work with a brokerage firm or you can run your own business.

Real estate agents are typically paid by commission. You may earn an unlimited income or you may only receive a set amount each month. However, you will not get paid until the deal is closed.

Before you apply for a license, you will need to pass a background check. This will take several weeks and will require your fingerprints. Some states may also require you to take a test before you can finish your coursework.

If you are a real estate agent looking to increase your bottom line, you need to make sure you get the most out of your time. You need to be able to balance the needs of the two sides of the table. This can be a challenging proposition, especially if you are working with sellers and buyers.

As a buyer, you should take advantage of your agent’s expertise by asking questions and getting additional information on the area you are considering moving to. Your agent can also help negotiate with the seller to take care of the things that you may not be able to handle yourself.

If you’re interested in selling a home, you might be wondering how to earn a commission. Real estate commissions can vary based on the state you live in and the agent you work with. Typically, a real estate agent will charge a percentage of the home’s value at closing.

However, the actual amount that an agent will charge depends on the agreement between the broker and the listing agent. An agent who has an experienced reputation will usually have a higher commission percentage.

The average real estate agent makes about $39,800 a year. This includes transaction fees, taxes, referral fees, and commissions. In addition to working as independent contractors, agents can also act as transaction coordinators.

Regardless of the agency model, real estate agents have a lot of responsibility. They are involved in market research, appraisals, inspections, and paperwork. Their expertise is invaluable to the sale of a home. As such, you want to ensure that your commission is worthwhile. Using stellar marketing and targeted upgrades can help you earn a higher price for your home.

Be comfortable working with experienced clients. It is a good idea to be comfortable working with clients with real estate experience. This can help you to understand the needs of your client better. When you are able to determine a client’s needs, you can be more helpful.

You should always be open and receptive to your client’s feedback. This will allow you to provide them with the best service possible. If you don’t listen, you can lose out on a potential client.

To be a great real estate agent, you should have a customer-relationship management (CRM) platform. This allows you to organize your contacts and streamline your social media strategy. CRM platforms also enable you to access client information quickly.

Another great way to stay in touch with your clients is through weekly check-ins. These check-ins will help you to keep your clients updated on project details. During these meetings, you can discuss updates in your business or allow your client to ask questions.


How to Sell Your House For Cash Without a Real Estate Agent

If you want to sell your house without a real estate agent, there are several things you should know. These include how to prepare your house for sale, how to sell your house for cash, and how to sell your house for cash. The next step is closing, where you’ll sign title documents and provide a photo ID. These documents will prove to the buyer that you own the home. Then, the funds for sale are wired to the buyer. This completes the sale.Real Estate

When selling a home, it is beneficial to hire a real estate agent. These professionals will spend countless hours preparing your home for sale, marketing it, and negotiating the sale. They will also know the neighborhood, which will make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living there. There are several positives to using a real estate agent, but there are also some disadvantages. For example, it will take longer for your property to sell. Additionally, it may sell for less than you thought. Moreover, you will not benefit from a bidding war between interested buyers, which could mean a lower price for your home. 

One of the most important benefits of using a real estate agent is the ability to negotiate a better price for your home. A good agent will help you get the most for your home while protecting you from possible lawsuits. Using an agent can also help you avoid being emotionally upset over comments from potential buyers. While it is possible to sell a home without a real estate agent, it is not recommended for most people. Not only is it time-consuming and stressful, but it can also result in a lower selling price.

Another advantage of hiring a real estate agent is that they have an extensive network of potential buyers. Without an agent, you have to reach out to those buyers yourself. A real estate agent uses various marketing strategies to reach out to prospective buyers. For example, a successful agent may use postcards, yard signs, “for sale” ads, and community groups to attract buyers. An agent may also use tracking software and an online calendar to manage upcoming appointments with potential buyers. This way, they can avoid double bookings and let sellers know when they need to be out of the house.

If you’ve decided to sell your home for cash, the process can be a bit confusing. First, you must understand that a cash offer doesn’t always mean that the buyer will show up with an armful of cash. Rather, a cash buyer will have a fixed amount of money available to purchase your home. This means that they will not need a mortgage or any other type of loan to make the purchase.

Another advantage of selling a home to a cash buyer is the speed. These buyers are usually more interested in buying distressed homes and want to make the process as quick as possible. They can also be very willing to remodel a property if needed. They often purchase homes for less than market value because they are eager to get started on a renovation project.

Cash home buyers also typically have higher confidence that a transaction will close on time. The National Association of Realtors found that, on average, only 22 percent of transactions fail to close on time. This means that a cash sale could close on schedule in as little as two weeks.

Selling a home to a cash buyer offers many advantages. The first is that there’s no loan application process, which means there’s less risk that a buyer won’t be able to get a loan. Another major benefit is that a cash buyer will have the full amount of money needed to purchase the home upfront. In addition to this, you won’t have to worry about repairs and staging.

Real Estate Investments: Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Yours

From full time investors to those who dabble with a few projects on the side, real estate investing is something that can produce significant income to those committed to the process. But, in order to succeed, a bit of education and understanding is required. This article is meant to provide both.


Make sure that you create a game plan for what you desire to accomplish. Figure out how much time the process will take and if it will be worth your while. When you have developed a plan, meet with the necessary parties to discuss the deal that you want to achieve.


Never give up if you ever experience a setback with your plan and strategy. The real estate market is filled with many great and bad times, so make sure to stay strong if you hit a lull in your search. Persistence is the key to success when dealing with real estate.


You want to be educated concerning real estate investments before you begin. This will help you build your foundation of knowledge. Watch videos, get books from the library and search the Internet for all you can about investing in real estate to better your position.


Get an understanding of tax laws and recent changes. Tax laws are updated and amended regularly which means it is up to you to keep up with them. Sometimes the tax situation on a property can really up the hassle. When it seems to be getting to thick to manage, consider a tax advisor.


The world of real estate investing is one in which just about anyone has the power to succeed. The key is to apply sound advice while also hoping for a bit of luck along the way. The information in this piece should serve as a wonderful staring point for any burgeoning investor.

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Riverview Now Open

The wait is finally over! Taylor Morrison Southern California is excited to announce that Riverview in Santee, CA is open for sales. The San Diego County homebuilder has Sales Agents on site to facilitate model home tours and answer questions about the community, floor plans or purchasing a new construction home with Taylor Morrison.

Riverview is a community of luxurious two- to three-bedroom townhomes located within walking distance of Trolley Square at Santee Town Center. Find your dream home for sale in Santee, CA and boost your quality of life with a walkable lifestyle right in the heart of the city.


Location: 315 Lagoon Way, Santee, CA 92071Phone: 619.374.8570Tour CommunityView Floor Plans

The Early Bird Gets the Homesite

Riverview offers the unique opportunity to purchase a beautiful San Diego County home at an affordable price point in a fantastic downtown location. When complete, the community will feature a total of 128 luxurious townhomes featuring gorgeous stucco elevations for California living.

Be sure to get the homesite you desire by attending the Grand Opening Event and being among the first to select their floor plan and location within the community. Maybe you’d like to be as close to the pool as possible? Perhaps a homesite closer to the entrance for popping over to Starbucks or Einstein Brothers Bagels? Whatever your preference, now is the time to get the exact homesite you desire.

Santee, CA Homes for Sale Available in Three Open-Concept Designs

Come home to a floor plan designed for modern urban needs and inspired by the way you live. Each 3-story townhome design features a spacious open-concept gathering space, well-appointed kitchen with ample counterspace plus center island, cozy deck for outdoor living, deluxe owner’s suite and 2-car garage on the ground level.

Get to know all three designs:

Plan 1

1,368 Sq. Ft | 2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | View the Floor Plan >

A great choice for those who prefer to have no bedrooms on the main floor. Heading up the stairs from the garage, you are welcomed into a bright and airy entertaining space with an open-plan kitchen, gathering room and dining room that leads through a slider out onto the deck. Enjoy lots of storage with a pantry, linen closet and coat closet plus the convenience of a powder room down a short hallway from the dining area. Upstairs, both the owner’s suite and extra bedroom feature walk-in closets. The owner’s suite has a private bathroom with an additional bathroom located outside bedroom 2, around the corner from the laundry room.

Plan 2

1,384 Sq. Ft | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | View the Floor Plan >

Like to host friends and family? You’ll love having an extra bedroom and full bath on the main floor to accommodate guests. Slightly different than Plan 1, the deck is located adjacent to the gathering room, so you can open the sliding glass door and expand your entertaining space for indoor/outdoor fun and fresh air. Upstairs, both the owner’s suite and bedroom 2 feature a private bath.

Plan 3

1,548 Sq. Ft | 3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | View the Floor Plan >

The largest floor plan selling at Riverview, Plan 3 offers more square footage on the main level plus a larger utility room with more storage and a bonus tech space on the ground floor that could be used as a small work from home office area. On the top floor, the owner’s suite is.

Keep Reading: Smart Home Design Tips

TM Live Well

You’ll be happy to learn that all of our new construction homes in San Diego County include a selection of healthy home products from the TM LiveWell collection. The TM LiveWell initiative equips every Taylor Morrison home with technology for living a better, happier, healthier life – from the air you breathe to the water you drink. Products include whole home air filtration, water filtration, no-touch kitchen faucet, low VOC paint and more. Be sure to ask the sales team at the Grand Opening event about which brands and models are featured in the Santee, CA townhomes for sale at Riverview.

6 Reasons to Love these New Homes in Santee

Simplify your life with low-maintenance townhome living. Spend less time doing yardwork and more time out and about. Experience the difference of owning your home in a true walkable urban location.Spacious open-concept floor plans are expertly crafted to feel and live like a single-family home.As a Canvas community, it’s easy to design your new Santee, CA home. Simply choose from specially curated collections of interior finishes to match your unique style, tastes, budget and needsHealthy living amenities include a community pool and spa plus tot lot with play equipment and walking trails.Drive to the Pacific Ocean or downtown San Diego in less than 20 miles or leave your car in the garage and walk to the San Diego Trolley station.Riverview is zoned for excellent schools in both the Santee Unified School District and Grossmont Union High School District.

Why Life is Great in Santee

There are plenty of reasons to love living in downtown Santee. Shopping and taking care of your daily needs is easy with Trolley Square at Santee Town Center just a couple blocks away. Starbucks, PetSmart, Old Navy, T.J. Maxx, Target, Vons, Costco. Everything you could possibly need is situated within a mile of the community.

And when you want to eat out? Leave your car keys at home and head to Anny’s Fine Burgers, Oggi’s Sports Bar, Panda Express, Phil’s BBQ, Mimi’s Café, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Okawa Steak House & Sushi, IHOP, Buffalo Wild Wings and so much more.

It’s the urban lifestyle you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.

In addition to shopping, eating and nightlife, local attractions include:

Disc golf at Mast ParkLighted sports fields and facilities at the SportsplexFree Thursday night summer concerts at Town Center Community ParkBeautiful hiking or biking along the Walker Preserve TrailMountain biking and hiking at Mission Trails Regional ParkFree tours at the Taylor Guitars factoryCarlton Oaks Golf ClubSantee Lakes Park for camping and fishingSantee Boulders for rock climbing

All this with the world-class fun of San Diego and famous southern California beaches at your fingertips.

Keep Reading: A Simple Guide to Popular American Home Styles

See You Soon

Tour all three model homes today. Occupancy is controlled within each model home to keep you safe and maintain social distancing.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you get into the new San Diego county home you’ve always wanted.

Explore RiverviewKeep Reading: Virtual Home Buying 101: Make Your Next Move Online

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Discover the charming North Carolina town of Holly Springs

When you’re dreaming of a charming North Carolina town that offers everything from scenic beauty to entertaining community events, you’ll want to explore Holly Springs in Wake County. Homebuyers looking for new homes in North Carolina will fall in love with the delightful lifestyle of a town that allows you to slow down and enjoy every day while discovering new experiences. With a population of just over 30,000 people, fresh dining and convenient shopping choices, and gorgeous weather, Holly Springs, NC offers everything you’re dreaming of in a new home.

You’ll Always Have Plenty to Do in Holly Springs

Life in Holly Springs combines stress-free living with new adventures at every corner. Enjoying the outdoors and staying active is easy with access to all that Holly Springs has to offer. Take advantage of the beautiful weather in Holly Springs and explore the numerous local parks, greenways, a recreation center, and a lake and retreat center. Cast your line in the Bass Lake Park, a 100-acre lake stocked full of fish for any fishing enthusiasts.

Visit the Holly Springs Cultural Center after a warm day outside to enjoy local theater, events, and arts and celebrate local talent, or make a stop at the Holly Springs Veterans Park, dedicated to the men and women who have served in the military. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you’ll love the scenic beauty of Holly Springs and the convenient proximity to Raleigh.

Enjoy Fun Festivals Year-Round

Thanks to Holly Springs’ beautiful weather, Holly Springs residents can feel a true sense of community with events and festivals throughout the year, from the HollyFest to the Farm-to-Table Chef Series. Whether you enjoy evenings tasting locally-made dishes or listening to live music with friends, you’ll appreciate what Holly Springs has to offer.


At HollyFest, you can celebrate Holly Springs and all the people, places, and services that make the community a wonderful place to live, with local artists, businesses, food vendors, children’s activities, and entertainment.

Dog Day in the Park

Don’t forget furry members of the family in all the fun—Dog Day in the Park at the Holly Springs Farmer’s Market is filled with dog-loving inspired booths, businesses, and vendors specializing in pet services.

Longleaf Festival

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the free Longleaf Festival that celebrates the longleaf pine ecosystems. Holly Springs residents of all ages are amazed by live reptiles and amphibians, games and crafts, and live music and food trucks.

Delicious Farm Fresh Dining and Convenient Nearby Shopping

Foodies will love calling Holly Springs, North Carolina home. With choices ranging from farm-fresh meals to delicious donuts, Raleigh is home to unique cuisine and a wide variety of options. Start your day with a fresh donut from Rise Biscuits & Donuts, and stop by Acme Pizza Co for a slice of deep-dish pizza. Enjoy an afternoon at local breweries, including Carolina Brewing Company and Bombshell Beer Company, one of the first female-owned breweries in North Carolina.

Staying in? Making dinner at home will be a breeze with the Holly Springs Farmer’s Market, offering fresh-off-the-farm produce. Shop for local products straight from the source and turn your grocery runs into a chance to shop local and enjoy fresh goods.

For a convenient shopping experience, enjoy close proximity to expansive shopping centers. Head to the Holly Springs Towne Center to shop from your favorite stores such as Target, Five Below, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. Quick meals will be made easier thanks to nearby options like Panera Bread, Starbucks, Mediterra Grill, and Blaze Pizza. Whether you’re relishing farm-to-table meals or putting your culinary skills to the test with fresh ingredients, Holly Springs will stand out.

Excellent Schools

School-aged residents of Holly Springs are zoned for the highly-rated Wake County Public School System. Wake County Schools are known for their outstanding reputation in the state. Committed to the transparency and public availability of performance data, they pride themselves on providing outstanding educational programs at all grade levels. The WCPS offers more than 40 magnet schools featuring everything from award-winning early college programs to Mandarin immersion classrooms.

Make the Move to Holly Springs, NC Today

When you’re ready to find your new home in Holly Springs, North Carolina, you’ll find the perfect place in the communities offered by Taylor Morrison. Whether you prefer a charming townhome or a single-family home with flexible options, you’re sure to find the home that’s perfect for your lifestyle. No matter which home you choose, Taylor Morrison’s convenience and beautiful yet functional designs will show you why Taylor Morrison has been America’s Most Trusted* Home Builder® for six years in a row.

Enjoy Homes for Every Lifestyle at Bridgeberry

Models are available to tour. Schedule your visit today. Bridgeberry Sales Center is located at  141 Tayberry Court, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Bridgeberry at Holly Springs offers a variety of home designs with incredible open layouts perfect for entertaining. Whether you choose a 1.5 to 2.5 story home or a sought-after ranch-style home, you’ll find  spacious floor plans with gourmet kitchens, expansive owner’s suites, and incredible natural light throughout the homes. Exceptional amenities and a convenient location near everything Holly Springs and Downtown Raleigh has to offer will make Bridgeberry your favorite place to come home to.

Discover Bridgeberry

It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Honeycutt Farm

Tour single-family and townhome model homes at Honeycutt Farms today. The Sales Center is located at 216 Kephart Way, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Homestead Collection Single-Family Homes

Ideally located on Honeycutt Road in Holly Springs, Honeycutt Farm’s Homestead collection includes multiple single-family home designs to fit a range of lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. The Homestead Collection features single-story homes with optional second story loft and guest suites so you can design the home that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Greet guests with beautiful exteriors thanks to lawn and landscaping maintained by the Homeowners Association, and relax in your spacious owner’s suite at the end of a busy day in town.

Discover Honeycutt Farm Homestead Collection

Grange Collection Townhomes

If you’re searching for a 2-story townhome, discover the Grange Collection with expansive floor plans and gourmet kitchens. Design the home of your dreams with options such as dual owner’s suites. No matter which Honeycutt Farm plan you choose, you can take advantage of amenities that put everything you need in one place, from a clubhouse with a swimming pool to community gardens.

Discover Honeycutt Farm Grange Collection

Make Your Move to Holly Springs Today

When you’re looking for amazing Raleigh homes for sale, look no further than the communities in Holly Springs. Discover the ideal combination of gorgeous scenery and exciting community events in a beautiful home with nearby amenities.  Explore Holly Springs, NC  New Homes >

dditional Helpful Information

Taylor Morrison’s Safety Protocols Amid COVID-197 Top Reasons to Call Raleigh HomeBest Cities in North Carolina for First-Time Home Buyers

* Taylor Morrison received the highest numerical score in the proprietary Lifestory Research 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 America’s Most Trusted® Home Builder study. Study results are based on experiences and perceptions of people surveyed. Your experiences may vary. Visit

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Virtual Home Buying 101: Make Your Next Move Online

By now you’ve purchased more things online than you can possibly remember – from hotel bookings to take-out food to your favorite gourmet coffee delivered right to your doorstep. But what about a house? Is it really possible to purchase your next home from the comfort of your living room? 

It sure is. 

And with Taylor Morrison’s convenient suite of virtual home buying tools, it’s easier than ever to find and buy the house you’ve always wanted. 

We’ll walk you through the process and lay out the basic steps of buying a home online. If you have questions or concerns, simply contact the Internet Home Consultant for your area.

Step 1: Set a budget 

Begin your home search early to determine how much real estate you can afford. Everyone’s financial situation is different, but you’ll want to figure out how much you can pay each month and then work backwards to find the purchase price. Be sure to account for all your other bills and commitments, with money left over for food, gas, entertainment, vacation, and savings. 

Using a mortgage calculator is a great way to plug in numbers and play around with interest rates and loan size to figure out your monthly payment. 

Helpful tips and financing FAQs 

Know for sure that your budget estimates are correct by getting a pre-application for your mortgage. Preapplication also speeds up the process once you find the home you want to buy. 

Step 2: Go house hunting 

Once you’ve narrowed down your area of interest, go to and select a state to begin exploring new home communities. 

Be sure to check out move-in ready homes in your favorite communities to see if construction on your dream home is already complete or is already underway. You can also choose to purchase a to-be-built home from a wide selection of open-concept floor plans.

To make house hunting even easier, consider reaching out to our Internet Home Consultants at the communities you’re most interested in. Our Internet Home Consultants are not just valuable resources for having your questions answered about specific communities, floor plans or ready-now homes, they have years of experience matching home buyers to the right house in the right location. They’ll help you narrow down choices and guide you through the home buying process.

Tool #1 – Online Virtual Tours

Today’s virtual real estate tours give you the ultimate freedom to explore new homes on your own terms. Using your smartphone or computer, navigate every room in the home at your own pace and really take your time to look at the details that matter to you most.

With the power to shop a virtual open house from the comfort of your sofa, you can easily see 10x-20x the homes compared to in-person viewings in the same time frame – and a virtual home tour is a perfect tool for a potential buyer shopping homes in a different part of the country without getting on an airplane.

Virtual tours are available for many move-in ready homes, meaning you can purchase the exact home you’re viewing in the tour, and also for model homes, giving you the opportunity to discover different interactive floor plan layouts and optional upgrades to better design your to-be-built dream home.

And now, it’s easier than ever to find all available virtual home tours for your area of interest. Visit our virtual tours page and start exploring!

Browse Virtual Tours

Tool #2 – Self-Guided Tours

Taylor Morrison is excited to announce a new way to tour new construction homes near you all by yourself. The way it works is easy. When you’ve found a home you like offering self-guided tours, just sign up and reserve a time slot online. Then, during your scheduled hour, the home is all yours – simply let yourself in using a code sent to your smartphone!

A self-guided tour is convenient but more importantly, they give you the freedom to come and go as you please, take as many photos as you’d like, speak freely about your thoughts on the home and spend more time in the rooms that matter to you most. If you’ve got a question, we make it easy to contact the community sales team.

Discover Self-Guided Tours

Tool #3 – Guided Virtual Tour

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our workflow in many ways and the real estate industry is no exception. You’ve likely already done a work meeting over Zoom or Facebook Live so why not tour a home in the same way?

Get in touch with the sales team for a community you’re interested in and they’ll be happy to set up an appointment for a virtual walkthrough. This way you’ll enjoy the convenience and comfort of a virtual tour while getting all your questions answered in real time. Plus, your new home consultant will be able to provide unique insights into the home and valuable information about the floor plan and home features that only a new home specialist can provide.

If you prefer a traditional in-person showing vs. a virtual showing, just stop by the community during regular business hours or call to schedule an appointment! Please keep in mind that not all communities will be open, so please call before heading our way

Tool #4 – Reserve Your Home Online

Never worry again that someone else will swoop in and buy your dream home out from under you.

With our new online home reservation feature, you can lock in the real estate you love and breathe a sigh of relief. It doesn’t cost a penny and once you’ve reserved your home, you’ll have 24 hours to schedule an appointment and complete the purchase agreement.

Learn How to Reserve Your Home

Step 3: Secure financing

The next step to homeownership is to work with a mortgage banker to secure your loan. Most lenders offer online service, so you can apply for financing and be approved without ever setting foot in a bank.

To purchase a Taylor Morrison home, you can either use the lender of your choice or work with our affiliated lender, Taylor Morrison Home Funding. Check out our new online state-of-the-art mortgage technology, Dorothy. She’ll simplify the mortgage application process to get you home in no time.

Meet Dorothy

Note: A professional appraisal will be required for the final approval of your mortgage. After an appraisal is ordered, the full results will be sent to you via e-mail.

Step 4: Buy your new home

Once you’ve decided on the ready-now or to-be-built home you’d like to purchase, you’ll sign a New Home Sales Contract and officially start the homebuying process.

Also called a New Construction Purchase Agreement, signing this contract protects you from having the home sold to someone else. The document will also include pertinent information about the deal, including the price and location of the home, the projected closing date, contract terms and the obligations required of both parties.

Additional information may include the last date for finalizing design options, the date by which you need to have financing approved and the amount you’ll need to pay in earnest money.

Earnest money is a good faith deposit between 1% and 5% of the value of the home paid into escrow to show that you are serious about buying the home.

You’re almost there!

Finally, when the purchase of your new home is ready to close, you’ll coordinate a contactless signing to finish your paperwork.

Taylor Morrison is paving the way in the homebuilding industry by keeping each home buyer safe during these challenging times. It’s now possible to complete all closing paperwork and document signing while maintaining social distancing guidelines using virtual tools.

Contact your Internet Home Consultant to get more information on how contactless signing works for a buyer in your area.

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your dream home online. Just one more way home builder, Taylor Morrison, offers you the best home buying experience possible.

dditional Helpful Information

Moving During Challenging Times: New Home Buying Guide for 2020A Simple Guide to Popular American Home StylesModern Retirement Living

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